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The Capital Group

I like to inform you about The Capital Group, we are foreign investors looking for positive investment opportunities and running business partnerships to invest in, we have available required investment capital and looking for investment opportunities to invest in like a silent partner. We need serious business investment opportunities with positive income generating value, we are for looking long term or short term partnership investment which have good profile margin and needs additional capital for expansion. We look forward to receiving all kinds of proposals big and small for we have a huge amount of capital ready to invest in your project, company or business which need expansion. We also offer grants at low subsidize interest rate. We need serious proposals only, we could work with middle men, brokers and consultants but no time wasters should contact us. You can response by sending us a message, we will get back to you shortly and eventually there will be a face to face meeting.

Kindly email: ( )
Phone: 213 800 3006


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