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Experiencia Buenos Aires

In Our classes we teach Spanish as a tool, which will help the student to immerge into the linguistic and cultural Argentinean society. You will participate

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Experiencia Buenos Aires

Experiencia Buenos Aires has important contacts with enterprises, civil servants, social workers which might be useful in case you are working on an academic investigation or you have any interest on a specific area.

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals able to combine the best language teaching techniques with an important cultural, politic and economic knowledge of the country. They guarantee an exclusive dedication and commitment with the students learning, inside and outside the class. That is why, each of our teachers is also a guide, someone who will help you with any question or need.
Most of them have a degree from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, the most prestigious university in Argentina, with a large experience in the coordination and elaboration of Programs in Spanish for Foreigners.

Our institute has a material data bank exclusively designed to merge grammatical contents with cultural aspects and daily life events. The idea of this tool is to confront the student with real life. That is why we apply useful vocabulary to resolve common situations, to analyze newspapers and magazines� articles, texts of social, politic and economic subjects.
Also, it provides extra material for you to exercise and learn more by your own outside the class.
As a conclusion we could say that the student will be able to optimize the time used for learning the language according to his needs during the trip, his studies and his relationship with natives, knowing deeply the cultural reality in which they are immerse.

Our school is situated in Belgrano, a residential area very close to downtown. You can easily get there by subway (the D line, Olleros� subway station) or by bus from different points in Buenos Aires. We count with air conditioner and heat. We also offer free coffee service. Once a month, we organize a �Conversation Club� where you will be able to practise Spanish with natives.

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